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OpenShift platform for nurses
“I’ve been telling all my caregiver friends to join OpenShift. Why? Because they actually care. Whenever I’m stuck with something, I can always reach a real-live human being to talk to. They pay well, they’re super supportive, and I love the total flexibility I get here.”

Patricia, RN

Openshift . Where nurses
call the shifts (and the shots)

Hundreds of shifts. Dozens of agencies. One app.


What we offer our ‘Angels in Scrubs’:

Freedom. Flexibility. Fulfillment.

Break free from traditional contracts, predetermined pay ceilings, and rigid schedules. Connect with multiple agencies to choose the shifts, rates, and locations that make you sing. Whether you want night shifts, overtime rates, or a full schedule, it’s your call — always.

Real support. Real humans.

At OpenShift, we have your back. We know that even the smoothest app and scheduling systems can’t solve every question or problem you may have. Our superb customer service team is available 24/7 to give you answers, support, and help. Goodbye, stress.

Community of champions.

We know you are brave, kind, and wonderful — and it’s something we don’t take for granted. Join a warm and friendly community of like-minded caregivers for camaraderie, guidance, and encouragement. Find your tribe and change the world — together.

Swift. Seamless. Streamlined.

Hit the ground running and never look back. Our onboarding process is quick and effortless. Download our app, upload some forms, and presto! You can be in your favorite facility within a week. Never wait for a recruiter to “get back to you” again. How awesome?

(Open)Shift into gear.

Create your dream schedule

Real-Time Dashboards

Create your
dream schedule

Choose from hundreds of open PRN shifts and snag the hours, locations, and rates you desire. Consistently fill your days (or nights) or sporadically take on “side-hustle” shifts. Whatever your dream work life looks like, we’re here to make it a reality.

Schedule Updates

Be in the
know — always

Last minute change? Dream shift became available? Your requested shift was approved? Our email messages, text updates, and push notifications ensure that you’re always informed about new opportunities, schedule updates, and confirmed payments.

Be in the know always
Feel appreciated

Bonuses and rewards

Feel appreciated

We know our nurses are angels in scrubs. With OpenShift, you’ll receive competitive pay, excellent bonuses, and fun perks. Our beloved rewards system is simple: the more you work, the more you get. Refer your friends and spread the love!

“I was sick of the “wait for a recruiter to get back to you” garbage. With OpenShift, I was approved and ready to go the same day! I love the ease of the app. Everything’s so quick and efficient. I love making a difference in the lives of my patients each day while feeling valued for what I do. Thank you, OpenShift!”

Brianna, CNA

How it works:

Download the app

Download the OpenShift app to take your first step to your dream worklife.

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Upload your forms

Upload your credentials. Our automated system ensures that you don’t have to wait weeks for an answer.

Get approved

Our team will review and send you an approval. As always, we’re around for questions and support.

Start Earning

See all available shifts (and rates) immediately and create your perfect schedule. Woohoo!

Unleash your wings:
Join the hub of Angels in Scrubs

Spread hope, help, and healing.


OpenShift makes
‘making a difference’ different.

Traditional nursing schedules that don’t work for YOUR lifestyle
Nursing solo, with no social life and community
Lousy pay and nonexistent bonuses
Giving your patients your all with zero recognition or support
Discover the work life that fits YOUR goals and needs
Join a warm community of amazing nurses like you
Get paid well for the life-changing work you do
Feel heard, valued, and supported every step of the way
Your perfect work life is waiting for you.