Be your own boss. Period.

Choose everything. Sacrifice nothing.

Flexibility. Freedom. Fulfillment.

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Create the life you never thought was possible:


Choose the shifts, rates, and locations that work for your lifestyle.

Fill up your days (or nights), choose overtime shifts for extra cash, or use OpenShift to supplement a day job. You choose how, where, when, and if.

Choose Now right time
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You are brave, kind, and wonderful — and it’s something we don’t take for granted.

Get answers, support, and help 24/7 from our dedicated customer service team. Experience unparalleled support and appreciation for the great work you do.


Never wonder what’s going on again.

Our email messages, text updates, and push notifications ensure you’re informed about new opportunities, schedule updates, and confirmed payments. Real-life updates for real-life heroes. 💪

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How can we thank you? Let us count the ways.

With OpenShift, you get competitive pay, excellent bonuses, and fun perks. Refer friends for amazing rewards (plus you can request shifts with your buddies). It’s a win-win!


Become an Angel in 4 easy steps.

Download the app

Download the OpenShift app to take your first step to your dream worklife.

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Upload your forms

Upload your credentials. Our automated system ensures that you don’t have to wait weeks for an answer.

Get approved

Our team will review and send you an approval. As always, we’re around for questions and support.

Start Earning

See all available shifts (and rates) immediately and create your perfect schedule. Woohoo!

Your perfect work life is waiting for you.

Friends that stick together,
(Open)shift together

Got a friend who can use a happier nursing experience?
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Got a friend who can use a happier nursing experience?

Refer them to OpenShift and receive $$$ for each CNA, LPN, and RN that you refer.  PLUS — you can work shifts with your friends.

We’re on a mission to make every Angel in Scrubs feel special, respected, and valued. Ready to spread the magic?


Questions, questions?
Answers, answers!

Is OpenShift another staffing agency?

Nope! In fact, we’re not an agency at all. We’re an Uber-style platform that connects you to dozens of different staffing agencies all in one app.

We also know that staffing agencies are kinda infamous for their lack of customer service. We  support our Angels every step of the way. ❤️

What’s the application process like?

Easy! :) You download the app and upload your creds. We review it within 2 business days, and tada! You choose your first shift and get paid.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly. You get paid every Friday for all shifts completed the past week.

Is there a minimum quota of shifts I need to work?

No! You can work as many or few shifts as you’d like. Whether you’re a full-time employee who needs some extra cash or a single mom who values flexibility above everything, OpenShift gives you the flexibility you need to thrive. You do you — and we’ll support you along your journey.

Who pays me?

You get paid from the agencies/facilities you worked for. All payments are made from one payroll provider (Paycheck/B2E Solutions) but will come from the agencies you worked with that week. 

You can work with as many (or few!) agencies as you’d like. It’s easy to track payments on the OpenShift app. Choose your rates + shifts and watch the money roll in every Friday!

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Openshift gives ‘Angels in Scrubs’ the wings they need to soar!

You don’t have to choose between “making a living” and “living”.
How much better will your life be next week?